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Heart Stealer by LawliChi Heart Stealer :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 1 0 Tragedy by LawliChi
Mature content
Tragedy :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 1 1
Coal Tar by LawliChi Coal Tar :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0 Insanity Demon by LawliChi Insanity Demon :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0 Winter by LawliChi Winter :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 2 0 Butterflies and Miles by LawliChi Butterflies and Miles :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0 New Icon by LawliChi New Icon :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 1 0 The Writer by LawliChi The Writer :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0 Fox Doodle by LawliChi Fox Doodle :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 2 1
I can see them
In the Darkness of a room lit with only the moon
I could see them, all of them
In the corner, or watching me
I could see them, I could always see them
In the darkness of a child's room on a new moon
I could see them, I could see their eyes
Their glowing eyes that would watch
Eyes that gave a tortured look, or one of relief
I could always see them
I would scream and become frightened of the dark
The dark that would let such things come to light
I would run, I would run and never look behind me
For behind me I could see them, I could always see them
I would trip and fall, and they would catch me
I would scream and run
A macabre dance of the innocent and the gone
A dance to carry on for years
I would forget in the daylight
Where those figures didn't frighten me
I would dance among the stones sheltered within bars
I would dance unknowingly with them
Twirl and leap within in the sunlight
Breathing air they could not breath
They would smile, and I could see them
I forgot about them all in th
:iconlawlichi:LawliChi 1 1
Tragic Love Story (OCXPrussia)
“Well I’m sure you’ve heard about it already, but the Berlin wall came down! I bet Prussia is so happy to come back home, huh?” The blonde English girl spoke happily to the German across the table. The short haired German had her legs crossed and was resting her chin on her hand, looking at the wall instead of her friend.
“I could care less about that bastard. He’s just a big ass.” The German replied in a mumble, ignoring the tea that had been set out hours before, by now it was surely cold.
“I think he’s a nice guy, to you at least. He’s sweet on you Munnie! I think he likes you~” The English girl’s last words were drawn out, teasing Munich. The German stood up stomping her feet hard into the ground, a very angry, very dangerous  look covering her young face.
“Amelia I have no idea vhat you are talking about! You are insane you little-ugh!” The German rolled her eyes and left the room. Leaving to
:iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0
Repeat after me
Years go by pretty fast without anyone realizing it.
It’s funny in a way, since years feel slow, sound long.
They are not though.
Now before you now it you’re alone.
The one closest to you, the one that shouldn’t leave, goes away.
They go just out of reach, but stay in sight.
They go with somebody new, and you can hear every moment.
The others are too busy, too disconnected.
They drift to finger tip, and all you can do is reach, but never touch.
Fingers lightly touching cotton, but unable to grab and pull them back.
               Before you know it, dragging yourself out of bed has become a chore.
One that you do anyway, no matter the pain it causes.
If only to make the ghosts of what you once had happy, even if it tears you in half like sword through a dying warrior.
You fake a smile, a laugh, for the world and even yourself.
They believe you are alive, and you almost believe.
You’re dead inside though, like a firefly wh
:iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0
Let's Dance(ReaderXRomano)
Today was not a day you had been looking forward too. Your family would be here, and that was a nightmare just in words. You were nothing like your mother and your sister. You had a pageant queen mother and bubble blowing miss perfect for a sister.  It was strange how you managed to come from such a family.  As to the reason they were coming, today is your Twenty-second birthday. Nothing special at all and that’s how you originally planned on treating it. Your three best friends were going to take you out tonight and the next day you would just lay around and play video games.  Seeing as you had the weekend off it was the perfect plan, until you got that call from your Mother three days ago.
You crawled out of bed as the sun began shining too bright to sleep anymore. You gave a long sigh as you stretched your fist to the ceiling and stood on your tiptoes. Afterwards you looked at your bed to see the sheet hanging half off and the pillow on the floor.  You were
:iconlawlichi:LawliChi 1 1
Mature content
2 A.M and the world crashed down :iconlawlichi:LawliChi 0 0


Floral - PS Patterns by photoshop-stock Floral - PS Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 371 26 Pink Photoshop Patterns by apricum Pink Photoshop Patterns :iconapricum:apricum 647 55 Flower Photoshop Patterns by eMelody Flower Photoshop Patterns :iconemelody:eMelody 1,219 81 Photoshop Patterns -2 by DOGGIEDOGGIE Photoshop Patterns -2 :icondoggiedoggie:DOGGIEDOGGIE 1,083 107 Floral Photoshop Patterns by eMelody Floral Photoshop Patterns :iconemelody:eMelody 1,294 108 Candy - Photoshop Patterns by photoshop-stock Candy - Photoshop Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 781 56 Cupcake - Photoshop Patterns by photoshop-stock Cupcake - Photoshop Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 518 43 Baby Girl - Photoshop Patterns by photoshop-stock Baby Girl - Photoshop Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 591 52 Set 32 - Photoshop Patterns by photoshop-stock Set 32 - Photoshop Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 335 43 Set 28 - Photoshop Patterns by photoshop-stock Set 28 - Photoshop Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 1,153 195 Set 29 - Photoshop Patterns by photoshop-stock Set 29 - Photoshop Patterns :iconphotoshop-stock:photoshop-stock 937 102 All Rights Reserved Banner Notice Thingy by merelei All Rights Reserved Banner Notice Thingy :iconmerelei:merelei 222 35 All Rights Reserved Label. by PrincessArtsy All Rights Reserved Label. :iconprincessartsy:PrincessArtsy 74 5 All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose All Rights Reserved Notice :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 2,629 265 Krita Free Painting App Tutorial by TysonTan Krita Free Painting App Tutorial :icontysontan:TysonTan 2,763 307 Brushes for Photoshop by EldarZakirov Brushes for Photoshop :iconeldarzakirov:EldarZakirov 1,945 251


I don't really get on this account anymore, you can find me over at Zomvii 



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